Yeastar Channel Partner Program

Yeastar is committed to helping our partners build sustainable and profitable businesses with our best-of-class products. We genuinely value the relationships that we have with our partners. It is a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship. We have the expert support and advice, and our partners have the in-depth experience and knowledge of the industry. It is with their dedicated work, that we are able to provide added-value solution to our customers.


Benefits of Joining Yeastar Channel Partner Program
*Accredited Yeastar certification and the right to use the exclusive Distributor Logo
*Enjoy enhanced margins with the most favorable distributor price
*Receive samples of our latest innovations
*Valuable sales and marketing resources
*Direct free technical support from Yeastar
*Expert trainings on products and technology for free
*Receive marketing funds and promotion materials following Yeastar’s marketing policies
*Latest catalogs and brochures about Yeastar products
*Free e-mail blasts and newsletters